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Incident date: 9/10/2009

The service was very good.
In the beginning the communication was very good.
The tow boat arrived sooner than we expected.
The boat was well equipped for the task.
The Captain and his crew were skilled in approaching our boat and getting it under control.
The tow up the Columbia River was uneventful.
The return top our dock, at night was skillfully done.

Robert and Darlene York
Incident date: 6/26/2009

The towing service was prompt, efficient, courteous and professional. The Boat US dispatcher quickly connected me with Vessel Assist by mobile phone and towing arrangements were made. I was very pleased with the towing service and with the response by Boat US. My membership has many valuable benefits and this is one of the best!

​Incident date: 7/20/2009

Capt. Ted Carr gave me prompt and professional service. Joining Boat US / Vessel Assist was the smartest investment I ever made. Now there is no worry about breaking down on the water. I will be a member for the rest of my life.

Thank you,
Jim Bolliger
Portland, OR
Incident date: 4/18/2010

We can honestly say, and you know this (speaking to Boat US), we have never had a breakdown of our boat. Breaking down on the Colombia River could be frightening, however the Boat US immediate connection was reassuring and the towing company, their response was exceptional! Having a live voice, gaining real knowledge, in real time when we would see them was truly calming. They were experts. Thank you for all you do. We are so very grateful.

Gary and Pat Burke
Oregon City, OR

P.S. Boat US ROCKS - As does the towing company. They were awesome.
Incident date: 3/11/2007

Our experience calling for Vessel Assist in Portland turned lemons into lemonade. They came quickly, they reduced our anxiety, and they fixed our situation quickly. We really appreciate our insurance and their help.

Susan Prows
Incident date: 8/202009

The Vessel Assist crew did a great job. The first thing they did was calm me down by assuring me that everything was going to be fine. I was stuck in 2 and a half feet of water, against a row of pilings with 25 knots of wind. I couldn’t imagine how, but their reassuring tone was a big help. The only thing they needed was launcher to fire a tow line to me. Without the help from a small passing fishing boat, I might have had to spend the night. But it all worked out! I am very happy having kept up the insurance and will recommend it to everyone.

Patrick Murray
Scappoose, OR